Single Cabin Luggage Policy
All airlines departing from both terminals in KLIA and klia2 have strict single cabin luggage policy for domestic and international flights. The objective of this policy is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during the flight. Passengers are required to declare their cabin luggage, to avoid being stopped at the security check-point.
The maximum dimensions of cabin luggage allowed onto the aircraft should not exceed 56cm X 36cm X 23cm, with a maximum weight of 7kg. In addition to the single cabin luggage, the following items may be permitted subject to the requirements of each individual airline:
Camera bag
Diaper bag
Duty-free shopping bag (for goods purchased at the airport)
Handbag (Male & Female)
Laptop bag / backpack
Passengers are advised to refer to their respective airlines for further clarification.
Guidelines for Checked-in Luggage
For your travel convenience, please adhere to our guidelines for checked-in luggage.
Baggage must have at least one flat surface.
Baggage must not be round and irregular shaped.
Maximum baggage size allowed is 1000mm x 750mm x 600mm.
Maximum weight per baggage must not exceed 32kg.
Minimum baggage size allowed is 250mm x 100mm x 50mm.
Minimum weight per baggage must not be less than 4kg.
Small baggages must be put in the tub provided by the check-in agent
Baggage must not be strapped with any kind of rope or attached with long straps.
Baggage must be free from old baggage tags.